Magnolia Square piccies!

It’s been a super-busy couple of weeks…phew! (i heard a man on the radio yesterday talking about how he’s noticed people getting more relaxed & chilled out now that chrissy is on its way…where does he live??)
so i’ve been dying to update the blog but was lost behind a flurry of polish & packaging trying to get ready for Mag Sq markets and then Finders Keepers (which was this weekend)
I always find market displays a little tricky – much better with the small picture than the big one, so I tried to bring a bit of CWA into Malvern last week with a picnic theme complete with fake grass, trees, gingham bunting and baskets:) I also found some placemats in Vinnies the day before & glued some rings stands onto it which i think worked pretty well – a woman there gasped & said “my mother had palcemats just like that!” (they may have been her mother’s cause i bought them in Hawthorn!)

2 Responses to “Magnolia Square piccies!”

  1. Your stall look so great, I regret not making it to see it in person.

  2. your stall looks gorgeous. love your bit of cwa in malvern