Making a simple bangle

Ahh..bit more jewellery-as-therapy 🙂
I’ve been having fun lately making settings & abstract shapes & bangles – different things to the detailed figurative pieces, so here is a step-by-step of how to make a bangle.if you take a 20cm piece of wire (mine is 5mm round wire) it will make a bangle with about a 60cm diameter. the wire was annealed (softened) when i bought it which makes it easier to bend around the bracelet mandrel with a mallet (& a bit of pushing) but if it’s too hard to bend then best to anneal it first.

Neaten the join by running a jeweller’s saw between the 2 ends until they meet…& handy to have a large soldering torch nozzle (i’ve used it more than i thought i would when i bought it)
pop the soldered bangle onto the mandrel & make it round using a raw-hide mallet (you’ll have to hit it pretty hard) I hold the mandrel on my lap to do this but i’ve seen others have it upright on the bench, whatever you find easiest.
i wanted to anneal the bangle so that i could make it a neater round shape. To avoid it looking like a machined piece i textured the outside with hammer marks. Also, beating the bangle with a steel hammer will work-harden the metal & make it better wearing.
The bangle is sitting on a ‘wig’ made of steel wire – good space for annealing cause it’s a solder-free area (my soldering mat isn’t as spotless as some :))
Voila! Here is the finished bangle, it’s available in the real-life store (not online) & is $250.

5 Responses to “Making a simple bangle”

  1. thanks Brianna & Jennifer!
    all you really need is a jeweller’s saw & a soldering torch – even if the bangle is a bit wonky & unround it still would still be good, actually it would probably have a lot of character! (in a good way:))

  2. Simple AND beautiful! Your photos make me miss having access to bench space and torches. I guess I just have to take some more classes soon 🙂

  3. Great post! Thank you so much, wish I I had the tools to make the bangle.

  4. good morning Kirst!!
    you are 🙂

  5. Wonderful Vic. I love your behind the scenes posts. Such a clever girl you are. xxx