making a spoon with Granny..

Granny Square spoon, made with love (and with the help of two clever crafters)Spoon ‘bowl’ made using 1.2mm silver plate which has been domed in an oval doming block

spoon handle made from stock gauge (a commonly bought shape of metal, like a square rod & is often a handy starting point) it’s been put through the rolling mills to give it that tapered shape, then evened out with filing.
groove cut into the end of the handle so that there is a strong connection point when the two pieces are soldered
‘bowl’ & handle propped up ready for soldering, anything can be used to prop it, i’ve used some tweezers but it could also be an old file (or an old coin but that’s not right is it? but common)
lining it up by eye – there’s no other way to do it, i just normally settle in to do a couple of correction solders, you just have to start somewhere 🙂
after soldering (& correcting 🙂 )
it’s all lined up now & ready for emerying.
the spoon handle will now be arched back (just using hands cause the metal is quite soft after being heated. the black surface is copper (a component of sterling silver) which will be removed with acid, emery & polish
surface has been fine emeried. even though i’m going to solder it again when i put the granny square on the end, it’s easier to clean up the edges now.
granny soldered to the end (the original crocheted granny made by the very talented Kirsty of Kootooyoo)
granny detail
i had to deliver this piece to the gallery on the same day it was finished (why do i leave things til the last minute?!) but i was unsure how to package it – but thanks to another very clever crafter, within just a couple of minutes she’d whipped up this granny-pocket & now it has it’s own carry-case!

& i know it’s very short notice, but if you live in melb there is an exhibition opening tonight (& continuing throughout april) at Hand Held Gallery called ‘One Cup – an exhibition of 48 teaspoons’ & granny will be there along side 47 other spoony-themed works!

Hand Held Gallery ‘One Cup – an exhibition of 48 teaspoons’
6-8pm Thursday 8th April
exhibition continues throughout April

Suite 18(upstairs) Paramount Arcade
108 Bourke Street Melbourne, 3000 (03)9654 4006

5 Responses to “making a spoon with Granny..”

  1. It’s totally awesome Vic, love it!! And what a great sounding exhibition

  2. wow. I’m flabbergasted – and that doesn’t happen too often! How amazingly well did this turn out? Most specialest spoon ever. I feel sad to be a crappy sydneysider and that I shall have to miss out on what will surely be a most excellent exhibition…

  3. How exciting. I’m really keen to get to the exhibition. I was looking forward to seeing what Kirsty’s incy wincy granny was all about… now with a teaspoon, a match made in heaven.

  4. This is so fantastic! I love it.

    Good luck with the exhibition!

  5. Wonderful! I love the little pouch, the lovely “drape” of the granny & the fabulous in progress shots. Superb work Vic.