Making new things..Fortune Cookie necklace!

it’s always exciting-times here when i get to make some new pieces!!!
there have been a lot of ‘beginnings’ lately & frustratingly few ‘ta-das!’ so i’m very pleased to be able to share theses pics with you!
i grew up in the 70s, when the height of culinary exoticism was to dine out in a Chinese restaurant (even my father whose cooking specialties involved the term ‘fry-up’ attended Chinese cookery classes..) & my favorite part of the meal was the plate of fortune cookies served up at the end.
So this is the beginning of my tribute to the utter end-of-meal-joy which was the fortune cookie!

i didn’t have any idea of how i was going to make it, so i did a practice piece in copper which is a bit softer even than silver so a bit more forgiving (& cheaper to make mistakes in :))

bending & annealing a few times..
even being as soft as it is, it’s a bit of an unnatural shape for metal (probably a bit easier in biscuit dough)
once i was feeling more comfortable, i made one in silver..
pretty close! but a bit too neat?
the biscuit version has a bit of a ‘lip’ so i thought mine needed a bit more character..
all the bending caused a bit of a split so i had to reinforce some parts
the chain fit nicely through the piece which i prefer than having drill holes & rings

each necklace will come with some pieces of water resistant paper (replaceable) so you have the option to include your own fortune.sneaky peek
I was having a bit of a think about affirmations & i think this is my one for now 🙂
boring but true..

the ‘Fortune Cookie’ necklace ($370) is only new so not available in the online shop yet but there will be one available for sale in my studio this week (open fri 11-5, sat 11-3) or you can email me if you’re interested. I will hopefully have some ready for MARKit @ fed square which is in just a few weeks!
ps. the price is higher than others & that’s because of the time it takes to make + the amount of silver that’s made of (twice as much as my other necklaces)

5 Responses to “Making new things..Fortune Cookie necklace!”

  1. what a cute idea! it also reminds me of a little pac man 😛

  2. Oh wow how creative!! I love your work 🙂

  3. Oh, i love it! What a great idea 🙂

  4. This is gorgeous!

    (i’ve just bought some fortune cookies to go in party bags for a cooking party!)

  5. ohhhhhhh how neat!