making new things – Granny Square ring

some new granny square rings…

I’ve been busily enameling some new rings – part of the-prep-that-may-be-beyond-me for Finders Keepers which is quickly approaching (eep!) After years of making mostly earrings & necklaces i think it’s time to branch out..or branch back really cause it’s rings that i used to make when i started selling through shops but the whole re-sizing thing was often a deterrent for retailers & they much preferred to just stick with the quick sellers.
but with a new space soon to be opened, i now have the technology 🙂

the first square, crocheted by the very talented Kirsty
first silver casting of the granny square
shaping the square into a more ring-appropriate shape using a doming block & wooden punch – it kinda looks how the wool squares look before they’re made flat by stitching them together..

lining up the pieces for solderingthe finished piece painted in blues..and in red..

& the undersides needed to be done..

soon to be on the website but until then just our seeeecret..
($220, available in any size)

8 Responses to “making new things – Granny Square ring”

  1. words cannot express how much i love these. wow……

  2. Oh i want one of these so bad…but as a neacklace….

  3. I am in love with these!!!

  4. such a cute idea ♥

  5. Vic I love love love this! Might have to add it to my other Vic Mason ring purchase! Dx

  6. This is such a clever and adorable design! Lovely!