Making new things..Pencils!

i’ve been meaning to make these for a while, then i was distracted by making this fortune cookie necklace (which turned out to be much more of a challenge than i’d hoped!)
So…pencils! I’ve taken pics along the way, first, dipping into my stash of sheet & wire offcuts. It’s really nice to recognise bits of metal that have been in the box for years, like with this piece plate, i think the ‘F’ & ‘E’ were cufflinks that never happened (1995?)i used 2mm silver plate, cut into stumpy-pencil sized strips (about 15mm). These pencils are modeled on the trusty worn down ones with a metal-fastened rubber at one end – you’ve sharpened them down so much they’re a little short to hold but they’ve been hanging around for as long as you can remember.& here’s an example of exactly that pencil! Short, battered & handy! I used a coarse flat file to take off the corners of the plate then used a needle-file to sharpen the pencil (one sculpture at a time so i could limit any ‘learning curves’)learning curve #1 – i sharpened the ‘pencil’ a little too harshly & had to solder on the ‘lead’ as a separate piece of wire, that’s why it appears grey. I decided to give it a ‘sharpened by blade’ look cause that’s how mum used to sharpen my pencils when i was too young to do it myself! The lines were scored with the saw & deepened with a triangular needle file.
aww, tiny little thing! this is the first one done! If you come to the studio, i’ve now made Pencil earrings, necklaces & rings but so-far only the earrings are available to buy online (i blame the photographer for not taking clear enough, usable images of the others..sorry, ahem..)

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  1. These little pencil earrings are divine!! (Thanks to Tegan of Ink & Spindle for posting about her new pencil necklace on FB). Your blog was such a lovely find! 🙂