Making new things..Protractors!


Protractor earrings, Sterling Silver $66

do you remember getting your first geometry set? I loved geometry, a little bit like art, more like ‘organised drawing’. Maybe this is where i got my love of specialty tools??
So here’s my tribute to Year 4 geometry & learning fun things 🙂

i started with a piece of 1mm silver plate, a jeweller’s saw & a triangular file. i especially enjoy this bit, deciding what to include & what to leave out. I suppose this is one of the simpler examples but there are always choices when you’re making something & knowing when to stop is one of the trickiest ones. I chose to make a draftsman-type protractor, a bit fancier than the one that was in my standard issue geometry tin (which i was surprised to see they still sell atOfficeworks!)

Because it’s so small, the original shape was a little too simple & needed some more detail so it could be recognised from a distance, so i soldered on some side extensions…& here is is, almost finished, with its little buddy. (I made them at the same time so that i could make sure their scale worked well when they sat together either as a ring set or mismatched earrings)
& rings available in the studio now in 3 sizes – $77 each (coming to the online shop soon!)

4 Responses to “Making new things..Protractors!”

  1. Hi!

    I am buying the necklace – it’s perfect for me since I just invented a new kind of protractor! Mine are scaled in radians, not degrees. This necklace will be great to wear – especially when I go to conferences! Thanks.

    ProRadian Protractors

  2. Rie you’re so right! “buy some for your country”??

  3. It reminds me of the ANZAC sunrise lapel pin! It’ awesome, how on earth did you come up with the idea to make such a groovy item?