making new things..

this morning i’ve started making a new pair of earrings – can you tell what they are?
it should only be a couple more hours until the model is finished, it’s totally my favorite thing to do (making new things) but it’s hard to find the time.
& thank you so much for all of your comments yesterday! it’s hard to only give one thing away, i find it hard to just pick one person (even tho i make sure it’s random) so i’ll make sure i have some more giveaways this year:)
& congrats to Amy of Grey Grid Paper for winning the valentine’s prezzie!

and on the Quality Streets issue apparently they are import only now!! (thanks Deej) so i am seriously tempted to by $32 worth from here even though they come sans tin.

3 Responses to “making new things..”

  1. I love the love letters! Perfect for “paper” anniversaries too!

  2. LOVE LETTERS!! …?

    That is so poor that no more Quality Streets tins will grace our shelves. What happened? What’s up with that?!

  3. Oh no Quality Street for you?
    Poor Vic. Hello! Miss you! See you v soon! xxx