Making ‘ring pulls’

More & more frequently i do commissions, especially when they’re fun ones🙂
This time the brief was to reproduce a business logo in silver so that they could be worn as earrings & lapel pins. So for this project a model (original) needed to be made & cast, then the duplicates made into the different items.
I started with a soft drink ring pull – the problem was that i didn’t think it looked very good! All the drink ones i could find had this blocky profile (you can see that i couldn’t even commit to it on paper!) So even though i started making this one i eventually scrapped it.
It turned out that ring pulls on food cans are MUCH better looking – how pretty is that one? (yes, far too much time alone) So i started on the 2nd version but not happy with the scale…
Even though I was happy with the shape of Version 2, it ended up being too big for an earring (especially since at least one was going to be worn by a man)…scrapped
So now that i was happy with the scale & design i could add the details that really make the little one have character. The carved silver needed to include the details to make it look like it was pressed out of a sheet of aluminium, so all the depressions & nicks were included. (this pic is of the reverse side)
& this is the front. In order for the finished piece to have character, the front & back need to have equal detail.
finished as earrings..
finished as a lapel pin..
& the next commission is an exciting one too! I’ve double checked & the gift has been (very!) happily received so i can show you pics of the donkey necklace very soon!

2 Responses to “Making ‘ring pulls’”

  1. hi Victoria,
    just found your blog. You are so talented but always have been. I remember how you loved rings and making them at school. I still have a ring you made me.
    love Yamila