Making the run rabbit run ring…

It’s been a while since i’ve blogged owing to a camera problem that has now been resolved (bought another one :)) so at last some trapped photos have been released!
Do you remember this little rabbit i made a couple of weeks ago?
well I’ve just finished making him into a ring & had taken a couple of piccies along the way…be warned – many ‘how to’ photos ahead!I had some silver plate which i decided to use but you can also buy silver strip which would save you having to saw it. I kept my options open with how wide i wanted the band so i started at the same width as the rabbit’s widest part (about 14mm)Using ’round-flat’ pliers you curl the strip into a vague ring shape, it’s not necessary to have a perfect circle, just as long as the join is neat – the shape will be made using a ‘mandrel’ (a tapered steel rod) after soldering.Check the size by using the mandrel, i usually make the first ring about a size M (but that’s just because it will fit me, the popular sizes are from L-R)Solder the join using ‘hard’ solder (there are 3 grades, easy, medium & hard,which have different melting points. Using hard 1st means that when you solder your 2nd join with med, the 1st one won’t melt at the same time)Put the ring back on the mandrel, hit it with a rawhide mallet to make it round (& check the size). A rawhide mallet will not alter the size of the ring but using a metal hammer would.I decided my band was way too wide so scored a line 6mm from one edge & saw-pierced a section voila! 2 rings..

The band looked too blocky when it was parallel so i’ve tapered it (filed the top part to be thinner than the base) so that it’s a gentler shape – otherwise the rabbit would look kinda awkward…
Solder one side at a time, it makes things much simpler..
you may notice that the band is a little heavier than before, that’s cause i decided that it was way too light for the top & started again! much better now though 🙂
Polished & lovely..
kinda like it’s running across the ring huh?
This ring hasn’t gone on the website yet but if you’d like one let me know 🙂 they are $220 in any size.

10 Responses to “Making the run rabbit run ring…”

  1. Vic that is so impressive. I wish I could work with metal just like that….*sigh*….Dx

  2. oh my god. could you get any better at your job?

  3. oh, i love him! putting that straight on my birthday list 🙂

  4. OH I LOVE THIS RING! HOW CUTE (: the rabbit running across the ring is a wonderful idea

  5. He’s gorgeous, love how he’s running across the ring.
    Also loved seeing the how to shots and explanations. xo

  6. Beautiful ring and thanks for such an informative post. I always enjoy seeing how things are done :).

  7. I adore it! I love how he’s running his own never-ending race. So clever.

  8. So beautiful!

    I wonder if you willbe making any of these woodland creatures into charms?

    Miss nearly 5 could be ready for her own charm braclet this christmas.