My creative space..

freshly enameled blue birds…

..more fun than creative i s’pose
a friend asked if i could re-enamel these (formally naked) blue birds that she bought off ebay, & cause i’m a big fan of nostalgia (& Sharon) this is what i did today!
maybe they’re a bit darker that the originals? not sure, i’m just relying on a shady 70s memory of them.
the whole time i was doing them i was singing ‘blue skies’ for the line “Bluebirds, Singing a song, Nothing but bluebirds, All day long” (i was doing the Willie Nelson version, not the Ella, he’s more my it in your head now?)
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9 Responses to “My creative space..”

  1. I love your work, it reminds me of a jeweller who made tiny silver pieces in the 70’s. I had a little silver ring with a fly on it and a pair of scissor earrings. Ah..memories! I like the little blue birds too, so sweet. I hope to see more of you own work, in real life, sometime xo

  2. It is THE perfect shade. Heck. I love the Willie Nelson version. And do you know just how much I love bluebirds? Let me count the ways. I even wear my old bluebird that was given to me when I was born. Bravo you. You’re awesome.

  3. They bring so much cheer! Very, very pretty birds.

  4. So pretty! ps – LOVE the ring the latest Frankie!

  5. Great, now that song is stuck in my head!!! My sister also had the neclace and bracelet of these birds – blast from the past! They look great!

  6. I remember having the necklace & ring set when I was terribly little, like 5 or 6..?

    Your bluebirds look gorgeous, a lovely shade of blue.

  7. You chose a beautiful shade of blue!

  8. me too, perfect lovely blue.
    NOpe that one’s not in my head but “Zippitidoda Zippititoday my oh my what a wonderful day plenty of sunshine shining my way Zippitidoda Zippititoday!” is though I don’t know the connection there I think I’m just imagining bluebirds singing it…. OH dear I will stop now.

  9. Beautiful Vic! They look to be the perfect shade of blue to me.