My creative space…

as much as i would love to makenew things all week…i’ve also have a ‘to do’ list…
so ‘my creative space’ is repairing a ring that i made maybe 4 years ago(?) which i totally loved & found it hard to part with. but that’s the thing about making huh? you gotta let go..
the lovely new owner loved it a little hard (bongo drumming!?) & it just needed a new pin which meant that the chrysophrase had to be unset, a new pin & bezel for the setting needed to be soldered on, then the stone reset. phew!

using a setting tool to push the silver over the stone
the stone is secure but needs a bit of sprucingone side of the face is saw pierced, the other has the green stone, depending on your mood (this is not polished though)
setting has been finished & almost ready..
finished! (may be hard to part with it all over again:-))

about 16 years ago i was given a bag of stone slabs (rough pieces) by a super-talented sydney artist called Shaelene Murray. In the bag was a beautiful bright piece of chrysophrase which i held onto for the next 8 years until i met a lapidrist who cut it into a few separate gems – & the stone i just unset was one of them.
So i got to thinking about uni & how amazing Shaelene’s work was (& how i hoard) & how much i loved receiving that bag of stones & oh HappyHello to my old ChrysophraseFriend! & i’m extra pleased to find out it went to a good home!
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  1. i can see why this was hard to part with. lovely story too.