My creative space..

when i was in Japan i had a total creative epiphany.
when my little feet hit the floor back home it was going to be all toot toot to things other than jewellery – maybe some things with paper or drawings or ceramics, maybe shake the dust from the phone & do a collaboration?…well that was the theory anyway.
after a week or so the old routine returned & i kind of forgot what all of the fuss was & started to doubt the feelings that i had had.
well…consider this part 2 – kind of like an enthusiasm ‘skipping stone’ – i went & bought a casting kit from Barnes in Richmond & i’m going to give it a go to cast some things in polyurethane. it may not work – it may end up ugly but i’m going to try anyway.

ps. i think the silicon i bought is a little ‘Cynthia plaster caster’ – and as much as i’m into self discovery & trying new things, this is NOT the direction i am going to take..

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2 Responses to “My creative space..”

  1. I’m very excited about your casting adventure.

  2. Whoa! Cynthia Plaster Caster would definitely be a new direction.. Imagine mixing and matching those with the tea cup and the peg.. and oh never mind.

    I hold you fully responsible for my addiction to frozen Pineapple clump things. I am hooked. No self control! I wish I’d never learnt of them! I am eating them in secret now!