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‘hooray for Pip’ ring, with adjustable sizingSterling silver ‘lemon pips’ – grown in my mum’s garden, then cast
what luck! i found a flocked lemon-shaped box to put it in! (when else would it be appropriate??)

do you remember i posted this a while ago *blush* saying that i was hoping to improve my tardy gift-giving ways? well i can’t say that i’ve improved, but the first step is to say it out loud huh?
so i’m very pleased to say that (only about 2 months late) i was able to give this pip ring to this special birthday lady…hooray for Pip!
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13 Responses to “My creative space..”

  1. YOu know, you are ridiculously talented AND CUTE! I love this. So damn good.

  2. Aww, it’s so sweet – Pip will love that!

  3. toooo cutttteeee!!!!

    i love your pip ring!!!

    p.s. I am hosting a giveaway for a beautiful handmade ceramic item donated by ‘love grows by giving’ – you can enter here.

    x nadine
    little lovelies

  4. That is fantastic -such a sweet smiley face.

  5. wow. your (or pip’s) ring is so pretty. and i love the lemon pips from your mum’s garden. i love the idea of knowing the origin of the things i create with.

  6. Very cute, very clever! Just wondering how you might represent my name, Lucy?! Not so easy, or perhaps I’ve just made you a challenge!!!

  7. It’s so beautiful. i love it

  8. It is lovely and beautifully presented.

  9. Oh now that is gorgeous!

  10. You KNOW how much I love this ring. It’s just so perfect.

  11. Now really, that’s just too cute.

  12. Too Clever! I bet she will get a big kick out of that!