My creative space..

My creative space today is to just get organised (& make some jumprings…) In a few weeks i’ll be in Sydney for the Finders Keepers Markets so now’s the time to start planning!

I’ve always made my own jumprings (the little circle of silver that is the basic unit of chainmail) even though i could easily buy them. The problem is that i really like making them. When i was an apprentice (at $3.50p/h!) it was cheaper for my boss to get me to make them that to buy them so i had a lot of practice & then when i went out on my own i had more time than money so it was still cheaper…& now it’s a habbit! (actually i do think they’re better – the join is stronger & i know that the metal is workhardened)
So this is them on the bench – there are a pile of silver wire coils which are then cut down their length using the jeweller’s saw (laying across) & to the right are some jumprings which have been opened up ready for the sharpening necklaces.

6 Responses to “My creative space..”

  1. And on the plus side, you have the skills to make your own chainmail should the need ever arise. That’s comforting right?

  2. My week was spent getting organized too! I love your jewelry!

  3. I think after making all those jump rings yourself you would never be happy with mass produced. Great pic, creative space in action!

  4. I think it is great that you take the time to do that yourself. Good luck with the market prep.

  5. You’re so good Vic. I love that you do this yourself.

  6. Your stuff is beautiful.