My creative space…& bench-sitting

this is not my (tidy) desk…

this week, my creative space is someone else’s!

a very good friend (Neil) has gone overseas for a while & said that i was welcome to use his bench (it’s a huge honour ’cause makers can be very protective of their work-stations!)
so i took a before photo (+ one addition – can you tell what thing is mine? hint: you can eat it)

the added bonus is that i get to share the space with the ever-lovely Ewan – I’ve worked on my own for the last 3 years or so & although i don’t mind it, it’s also good to be able to chat & share ideas.
Ewan is also a jeweller – in fact he’s one of the best jewellers i know (you can see his work here, he also handmakes beautiful engagement rings) so for the next few weeks i’ll be bench sitting, i hope i don’t make too much mess
pop over to Kootoyoo see other creative spaces!
ps thank you so much for all of the giveaway entries! i’ll collect the names at midday on monday & let you know who the lucky winners are on tues…

8 Responses to “My creative space…& bench-sitting”

  1. Lucky you! Sometimes a change of space and even some company can open a whole new world of ideas.

  2. That’s one creative space I’d like to look after too. Happy to babysit yours while you’re baby sitting?

  3. oh how inspirational. I think you’ve started a trend. We should swap spaces more often and work in each other’s creative spaces. The bench looks great and very tidy and organised. Enjoy!

  4. Good thing you have this photo to return everything to ‘normal’! So…. go wild!!! Enjoy this space 🙂 K

  5. Company will be nice! Sometimes I get tired of just me and the ABC local radio for company.

  6. I think it’s going to be lovely to have company for a few weeks Vic.

    Hoping whatever is in that little packet isn’t going to make you feel sick.

  7. Wow what a privilege! and the space looks so organized, I hope you remember what order everything is in!!

  8. How fun to have creative company. Enjoy the bench!