My creative space..& cocktails

‘Ginger Bread Man’ syrup raedy for the weekend..

during Design:Made:Trade i had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with Kirsty & on one of the last days she gave me a made-with-love cocktail ‘care-package’ of fresh limes, citrus vodka, cointreau & a homemade ginger syrup.
so when the fair was over i got out the fancy glasses – ‘thornbury lawn bowls trophy’ cup for me & ‘burnley golf’ for cj with palm tree swizzle sticks &…OMG that is the best cocktail EVER!
in preparation for the weekend i made a batch of the syrup last night & strained it this morning.
if a Ginger Bread Man cocktail appeals to you, the lovely hostess of ‘my creative space’ herself has posted the recipe on her blog:-)…gee she’s good….

12 Responses to “My creative space..& cocktails”

  1. oh that sounds lovely, divine, amazing! as do the glasses!

  2. sounds divine, might have to fix me one of them

  3. I am not a fan of gingerbread but you make it sound so appealing :)…Yum

  4. Sound great! Just a thanks I thought I’d let you in on a complimentary cocktail voucher that is being given away – all you have to do is visit to get a free one for you and your friend …Enjoy it the weekend is round the corner

  5. This sounds delicious, think I will have to check it out too!

  6. mmmm i am off to check out that recipe!

  7. Sounds nice. I’m a sucka for anything with citrus in the recipe.

  8. Cocktails and creativity ~ wonderful. Sounds delicious. Might have to try it out!

  9. I’m all out of syrup…what time shall I come around?

  10. Oo, I like this space! I’m definitely heading over to get that recipe… I just wish my lime trees would fruit!! 🙂 K

  11. Sounds yummy and dangerous. Cheers.

  12. sounds delish! love the photo reflection in your space