My creative space..making Bear Hug

beginning stages of the newest member of the anime-animal series..
(made of sterling silver, the surface is whitish & sandblasted – this is what it looks like when it comes back from the casters)

As a companion to ‘run rabbit run & ‘fantastic fox’..’bear hug’. The photo doesn’t show it well but he has a curved huggy kind of back, loving but shy…& his head is a bit wonky so he looks a bit quizzical too.
This one was carved out of wax (like the rabbit & fox) but in my excitement to have him cast i forgot to take a photo..oops.
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‘run rabbit run’ & ‘fantastic fox’

7 Responses to “My creative space..making Bear Hug”

  1. He is truly adorable

  2. Jess!! i think of you every time i look at the little guy (especially when his head turned out to be wonky, unintentional but good)! i’m so glad you approve 🙂
    He will be a necklace first & maybe a ring later..also starting to make the rabbit as cufflinks too.

  3. i love this little series!! So cute 🙂

  4. Oh Vic, I am IN LOVE!!! his wonk is perfect. He is perfect. OH OH. xo
    PS is he going to be a necklace or a ring?
    I think I might ask mum for him for xmas -it’ll be one Vic Masion Xmas at our place !

  5. I’m in love, again. I don’t think you could make something that I won’t like Victoria!!

  6. OMG he is so cute!! He will make a fantastic addition to the fox and rabbit 🙂