my hand-modeling days are over…

i spent yesterday finishing some more rings to take with me to Magnolia Square markets next week (!!!) & they’re a total joy to make except for the toll that polishing takes on my hands… see those blackish nubbins in the the top left corner? yup – they’re my fingers!

The wire ring rack that they’re hanging from is especially made to use in an ultrasonic machine (a solution bath which is used to quickly clean the polishing grease off metal) It separates the rings so that when the ‘waves’ (kind of like sound waves) cause the pieces to shake, they wont knock the rings together (causing them to scratch) Unfortunately this machine doesn’t clean hands in quite the same way – rumor has it that prolonged contact between fingers & the ultrasonic waves causes your nails to fall off!!

and thanks Angela for posting a beautiful picture of Brooke wearing the ‘say it with flowers’ necklace in action! apparently the kids love to sneak flowers into the necklace when she’s not looking! that’s so nice…

2 Responses to “my hand-modeling days are over…”

  1. hi i love your stuff! my husband’s name is earl and he also likes a good cuppa…i think we will be checking out your blog quite a bit. x thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Please don’t let your nails drop off! EEEKK! I love your beautiful range of rings, how pretty do they look dangling there?? Super duper I say!