my weekend:Ponyo-the easy bits…

beginning of the jigsaw…just the blue & grey bits to go..

ahhh Ponyo!

i know there are plenty of Studio Ghibli fans & me too…
cj & i planned a japanese-themed night – so we started our new jigsaw (while watching Porco Rosso), had cups of warm sake & teriyaki chicken for dinner then a bit of umeshu plum wine for dessert…(a last minute purchase at the tokyo airport…so glad that i found some room for the wine in my already over-the-weight-limit luggage!)

One Response to “my weekend:Ponyo-the easy bits…”

  1. I LOVE Studio Ghibli, my favourite film is Spirited Away but I have most of the other films on DVD as well. That puzzle looks fiendish. I love the idea of your party. Very nice :o)