new ball of wool…& a giveaway

My mum’s a great crocheter (she whipped up those granny squares on the back of the chair). For as long as i can remember she’s had a granny square on-the-go so when i decided to carve a ball of wool i wanted the one that i’m used to seeing (not the one that kittens play with, although they are pretty cute..)
this is the type where the paper girdle has been removed, the wool pulled from the ball, then when you’re finished, it’s wound round the middle.
and here it is as a ring..

‘ball of wool’ ring sterling silver $77 size N1/2

& as a necklace..

‘ball of wool’ necklace, sterling silver $77

they haven’t quite made it to the website..ahem…but i’d love to know what you think & i also have one necklace to give away!
so if you’d like to be in the draw please leave a comment! & i’ll put your entries in a tin next monday.
ps. let me know if you’d prefer the ring or the necklace – i’ll give one of each away.
The ring is size N1/2 but i’m happy to resize it for the winner!

170 Responses to “new ball of wool…& a giveaway”

  1. Just love your work!! Love the blog world that makes these discoveries possible.

    Thank you for your generosity if successful I would cherish the ring.

    Lorraine 🙂

  2. What amazing pieces! I went back and forth for awhile but I think I would like the ring if I were to win…although you would have to resize
    Anyway thanks for putting up this give away!

  3. i totally dig the silver ball of wool. Would love to see some with a bit of enamel/colour too or even on a chain that resembles thread like it is unravelling around ones neck.

  4. Delicious!!! Your work is mesmerising and inspirational. I especially love your banner. B R I L L I A N T. And the dizzy fan adores the necklace. Just a teensy bit more than the ring. BOTH absolutely stunning. Lookking forward to reading and seeing more of your work. I got the heads-up via Meet Me At Mikes.

  5. wow that necklace is amazing! it would be so awesome to wear it around town…I’d definitely love to win the necklace!

  6. both the ring and the necklace are beautiful – i’m always after jewellry that’s a bit different and like nothing else out there (i have a bit of a penchant for tea-themed necklaces and earrings!) if i’m lucky enough to win, i think i’d prefer the ring!


  7. hi Tanya,
    they are cast but i made the first one in silver – i had a piece of really really thick plate left over from another job (about 6mm thick- took forever to cut!) and i carved it out with a file – i don’t think i could have got so much detail if i made it out of wax.
    good luck in the draw!

  8. i think your work is beautiful!
    and i love silver!!
    thanks for the giveaway

  9. Gorgeous jewellery!!
    Absolutely love the necklace.. did you cast them using a wax form that you had carved?? I did a series of classes in precious metal casting, but never thought to do something like this!!!
    Love your work!

  10. Oh they are divine! I don’t wear rings so the necklace is def averave!

  11. Just found your website through Meet Me At Mikes and I love your design! Both of them are nice but I like the necklace best! Thanks!

  12. Wow! I just found you through kootooyoo. Love the ball of wool ring. Just gorgeous!!! And as it happens, I’m a pretty dedicated knitter too 🙂

  13. I love the necklace with a passion!

  14. Your work is sublime.
    It invokes the image of just the nanna I always coveted- the shawl clad nanna with small round glasses, knitting in front of a fire while the kitten batts an errant ball by the hearth.

  15. They are just beautiful!!
    My favourite is the necklace.

  16. What an absolutely stunning piece! My wool looks just like your design but i must admit if i won i would gift this too my sis who is a very talented knitter and gifts all her fab wares to my kiddies. i think the kneclace would look great on her:)

  17. I think they are both lovely, but the ring is my favourite.
    It’s very generous of you to be giving them away.

  18. I love the necklace – very ‘shiny happy’ which is my thing.
    Anna at

  19. Oh my, what a talented person you are. What a gift you have. Please add me to the list of admirers of the ring.

  20. Just found your blog. I love the necklace, Just got into knitting after a number of years. I wish my ball of wool was as unknotted. Carol

  21. Add me to your legion of admirers 🙂
    Both ring and necklace are natty and splendid …it’s hard to say… ring!

  22. Wow, what a great idea! I love the ring!

  23. OMG these are so totally beautiful. I’m a knitting pattern designer of sorts and would dearly love one of these.
    you are very talented!!

  24. So wonderfully original and creative…both the ring or the necklace are a fabulous accessories..either way a lovely giveaway!

  25. You are very talented – They both look great, but the necklace would have to be my favourite.

  26. Ohhh so beautiful – I LOVE the necklace, and the ring – but especially the necklace!

  27. oooh how exciting! the necklace is luvverly!

  28. Oh love lovely!
    I really love the necklace, although they are both fab! I’m surprised something can remind me so much of my lovely grandma and be so stylish at the same time!
    I’m so glad I found this site!

  29. Thanks to meetmeatmikes blog for allowing me to discover your gorgeous concepts in jewellery design! I just LOVE your little ball of wool necklace and would be thrilled to be the lucky chosen one. Will have a sticky beak at your other designs! xx

  30. oh my what a simply gorgeous and generous giveaway, your necklace is amazing. The necklace would be my favourite because I just don’t have fingers for rings unfortunately!!!! But they both are beautiful

  31. hi, I absolutely love the jewellery! Please please please let me win the necklace. I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!!!
    p.s do you post the winner on your blog?
    thanks again, bernana

  32. Oh wow – these are extraordinary! I’d be thrilled to get either – they are superb. Thanks for such a generous giveaway xx

    (By the way, I featured your goodies ages ago before I knew you had a blog:

  33. Just found you via kootoyoo’s blog and love the stuff you make! Will be checking back to see what you’re up to. Think I love the necklace a tiny bit more, but both are great. And the realism is brilliant.

  34. Super! I love both pieces but if I’m the lucky winner…I’d choose the necklace!
    Awfully good of you. Your work is very lovely.

  35. Oh boy. These are gorgeous. Thought I’d pop over after meeting you at the Design fair on the weekend and what do you know, a giveaway!

    Not being a ‘real’ knitter I don’t think I’m worthy of either piece but they’d make special gifts for some of my yarn-crazy friends. I’m still eyeing off that little teacup/spoon ring, leaving postcards around the house and hoping the Beloved gets my hint…

  36. What a fabulous piece. I think I like the necklace the best but it wouldn’t matter. They are to die for!!!

  37. What a lovely giveaway! I would love to win the necklace. I think it will go beautifully with my new found love of crochet!!! Fingers crossed I am a winner. xox

  38. Ooo, Pip sent me over here. Your work is so lovely, that necklace is fab! Thanks for giving us the chance to win it in a comp. V. generous!


  39. I read about you on Meet me at Mike’s – your things are beautiful! I especially like the necklace. I sure do hope I win! 😀


  40. i linked here from kootoyoo. i love the ring, especially! it is beautiful! i was startled to scroll down to comment and see nicola as the first respondent. that is my name, too, and not one seen often here in the U.S. i am a different nicola and would love to be entered! thank you!

  41. love the necklace! it’s beautiful. Very sweet.

  42. Absolutely lovely! I’d love the necklace. 🙂

  43. The ring is very cute, but I much prefer the necklace. The chain is like an extension of the wool and reminds me of knitting winter scarves, comfortably wrapped in the threads from the skeins of wool. It’s great and I’ll be digging out that unfinished scarf tonight!

  44. Lurvely! I have recently put her pencil shaving necklace on my birthday wishlist.
    I am not a knitter, but my mother-in-law is. She has been knitting the most beautiful cardigans and jumpers for my 4 month olg girl, Lola. So, if I won the prize, I would give it to her.

  45. Lots of links pointing here has convinced me to head on over. Love lots of your stuff but being an avid knitter the ball of wool is great. I think I’m more of a necklace girl than ring girl atm.

  46. absolutely adore the necklace! sent over by meetmeatmikes! thanks for the opportunity to win ::crosses fingers::

  47. I think they are both unbelievably gorgeous!! ( like you!!) And that you are super clever, the texture really looks like a ball of wool does.

  48. such a cute idea! love it.

  49. I love the necklace, it’s a gorgeous thing! A great way to remind myself to make another granny square too.

  50. Found you via kootoyoo. What an amazing design! It’s perfect for the knitty/crochety types, and I can tell it’s well-crafted!

  51. Oh wow! I would love to win the necklace! Cherry

  52. I absolutely love the design! They are beautiful. I have to learn how to crochet!
    (I think I prefer the ring)

  53. I came over from kootoyoo. The design is so lovely! If I won, I’d prefer the ring.

  54. Hi – was directed to your lovely blog from @ableandgame. Lovely! I wish I’d made the effort to get along to Design:Made:Trade. Oh well.
    You are very talented – and so is your Mum! I’m inspired to start on some crochet. Cheers, Bryley

  55. ooh my mum would love this! how gorgeous! can i enter on mum’s behalf? i reckon she would definitely wear the necklace.. thank you for the giveaway =)

  56. i love that you take inspiration from the very special things in your life!! i LOVE your jewellery!
    my preference is definitely for the necklace – and how beautiful is it?

  57. What a wonderful idea! The necklace is just lovely and the ring is a great way to show off your yarn fetish! If lucky enough to be pulled out of the tin, the ring would be my choice.

  58. Oh mah gosh, these are so stinkin’ cute! I would love to have the necklace! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  59. Oops, I forgot to say my preference – the necklace, I think!!

    Again, they’re gorgeous!

  60. How sweet! I love that they’re the “right” kind of ball – a skein, the kind we all work with! Thank you!!

  61. I think they both look awesome! I would love an opportunity to win the necklace please.

  62. They are beautiful indeed and I would love to win either for my daughter as she is everything wool. She knits, crochets, and dyes her own wool.

  63. Oh these are wonderful! I’m a fan of the pendant especially!
    I’m glad to have found your site.



  64. Wow these are beautiful!!! I love the ball of wool on a ring but I think I like it as a pendant more. It would be just perfect to wear myself or even to give to one of my very special yarnie friends 😀

    x Mel

  65. Pretty & unique! I think they’re both beautiful but would prefer the ring.

  66. Such lovely designs. The necklace is definitely my favourite. So nice to think that I could carry a little ball of silver yarn around with me to remind me of the wonderful things in life (whilst I’m doing the not so wonderful things!). A very generous giveaway!

  67. Go your mum! As a fellow crocheter I am totally loving the wool ball! That’s how I do my wool too – wrapped around the middle. It’s perfect. Love the necklace especially – would be nice to wear my craft next to my heart.

  68. I think I love that ring. Yes, I’m sure. I really, really love it. Beautiful design!

  69. How darling is that! I would dearly love to win the necklace. Such talent it much have taken to make this creation!

  70. Wow Victoria! You are very talented! I absolutely love them. Thank to Meet me at mike’s for sharing you! If I had to choose (suppose I would!), I think the ring would be very happy to sit on my finger!!

  71. I love love love this! I knit Baby Cocoons so this is so up my alley!!! I have everything crossed. It is just beautiul you should be so pleased with how they turned out. Well Done.

  72. Wow, this ball of wool is absolutely gorgeous! I love this necklace and I would have a bazillion things to wear it with.

    Definitely a piece I would want to buy regardless. A little kitten charm would also be adorable!! xo

  73. me again! I just realised I own a pair of your earrings! A teacup and a teabag. They are my favourites and everyone comments on them. Tea and knitting – a match made in heaven!

  74. Fabulous, saw this update and just had to comment. I am looking for a wedding band AND a necklace for my wedding day … and I am an N1/2 … so strange. I would love to win either and I am all about knitting.

    I agree what a previous poster said about needles, they would also be very sweet.

  75. oh my, they are both so wonderful!
    I would choose the necklace, no the ring, no the necklace… oh it’s too hard to choose!

  76. that is what i call talent!!!

    if i had to pick i would chose the ring!!! so unique and so feminine cool! x

  77. I just found a link for this from Kootoyoo’s blog. What beautiful jewellery you make. I would love to win either but if I had to choose then I would pick the necklace.

  78. Hi,
    I would love to be entered in your giveaway. The ball of wool design makes me smile. It think if I had to chose one it would be the necklace, but I would wear either with love. Jane

  79. What a great design idea! One most certainly us knitters and crocheters would relate to and love. I would love either one but maybe the necklace would be closer to my heart….~Susan

  80. just wonderful, exactly like my balls of wool waiting to be crocheted. I would love to win the necklace, thank you!

  81. Oh my gosh, how beautiful!
    I grew up in a house full of wool, my mum is a wonderful knitter.

    I love, love, love the necklace – gorgeous work!

  82. I really love your designs. thanks for the fantastic giveaway! Would love to win the necklace.

  83. I’d love a chance at the necklace. Gorgeous.

  84. ooohhh, so cute! I love the necklace, the wool shape is perfect!

  85. both of these are truely scrumptious! you are a very clever petal!

  86. So in love!! They are divine!!
    Necklace please 🙂 K

  87. Id have to say the necklace, Its so life like… adding needles sticking out would be cool. I think it’s a big hit!

  88. just found your blog through Kotoyoo. the jewellery you make is beautiful 🙂 love the necklace!

  89. oh, i just found you thanks to sweet Kirsty! your work is stunning – i love that ring xx

  90. I am so into knitting right now – dishcloths of all things – and it would be wonderful to have the necklace. What a great design idea!

  91. Oh they’re lovely!

    I’m working my way through a crochet pattern….very slowly! Maybe this would help….like my own personal crochet talisman???
    I’d choose the necklace…….

    Nicki x

  92. Just the perfect thing for the crafty gal !
    I’d choose the necklace if I won !

  93. They’re great! I particularly like the necklace – rings just get damaged on my hands! Maybe you could also make a granny square pendant 😉 I’d like one of those, too!

  94. Oh no!!! Another blog link. Somebody out there could create t-shirts that say “I HEART LINKING”. I shall have to add you to my favourites or else I might lose you altogether. I would love to win the necklace. I have a small collection of knitting/yarn accessories and they never fail to create conversation, and occasionally a few laughs, from work mates. Sue

  95. Brilliant design! The necklace is my fav – I’d wear it all the time – I Promise!

  96. Hi,
    I got here from Meet Me at Mikes and I’m glad I did… your work is super cute!

  97. WOW, that is fantastic! Thanks a lot for creating something so wonderful… I have been coveting the ‘good scissors’ for some time tho… My favourite is the ring.

  98. OOh! Ooh! Pick me, pick me! I love knitting/crochet/craft accessories!

  99. Hi Victoria, so lovely to see your latest (beautiful) work, may have to do a Wee Birdy post on them soon! xx

  100. i think they are adorable. if i win i would love the necklace. it reminds me of all my lovely kitty’s i have at home to look after. xo

  101. I have just found my way to your blog from meet me at mikes; and I am so glad that I did! Your designs are fabulously gorgeous! I think the necklace is simply stunning and would suit my Mum perfectly. She’s a bit crook at the moment and something pretty would perk her up no end. I’ll keep my eye on your shop in the hope that one makes it in there soon.

  102. WOW! You’re so talented! I’d love to win the necklace 😀

  103. Oh wow. I love how you use everyday items in your designs. I’d love to win the necklace.

  104. Nice work, and unique for the knitter in an y family.

  105. Beautiful design and makes me wanna pick up my knitting needles.

    I’d like to be entered to win the ring please.

  106. I love the necklace! The ring is cute too, but the necklace would be my choice 🙂

  107. Oh these are so gorgeous! I love them both but I think the necklace wins out for me. How super clever you are!

  108. Perfect for the knitting afficianado! I’d pick the necklace 🙂

  109. Oh, how lovely! I would lovelovelove the necklace. I’d definitely second the idea to sell it as a charm, too…

  110. My kittens play with wool no matter what. You cant kitten proof it! I have 2 baskets of wool that my kittens regularly get into, and my big cat, he has a a favourite pink skein that he regularly runs around the house with. I think a necklace like that would be the purrfect kitten-proof ball of wool though!!

  111. Wow they are both awesome – you are so clever. I particularly like the ring, and funny that I found this, I just picked up my knitting needles again today 🙂

  112. Wow, the perfect neclace for crafting types everywhere.

  113. You clever clogs.
    Love the Skein ring. It’s so detailed and yet delicate.
    Could really do with one of these of my finger to inspire me to keep at my current knitting project.

  114. i love the necklace! a woolly bit of jewellery. how perfect!

  115. Wow o wow eeeeeee! This looks lovely! I would love to wear this ‘ball of wool’.

    xo Sarah

  116. Oh, I love that! I think the shape is wonderful, ALL my balls of wool look like this. Those perfect circle balls are beautiful, but never work in real life. You’ve done an amazing job!

    I agree with Kirsty, you could do tiny knitting needles sticking out of it for another design!

    And I’m not really a ring kind of girl, if I’d win, I’d love the necklace. Thank you so much for your kindness!

  117. This is fabulous! I would love to win! : ) Thanks! I really love the necklace! 🙂

  118. Both are the loveliest, but if I had to chose… the necklace please.

  119. I love the necklace! It looks just like the wool that I was using to make Morris the Sensitive Panda until two naughty dogs decided to help and unravelled the lot.

    Andrea M

  120. I love the necklace. Just gorgeous!

  121. Oh so cool! It never ceases to amaze me the generosity of people! The ring and necklace are both fab, but I really love the necklace. some little knitting needles would be ULTRA cool to wear with them!

  122. What a gorgeous and generous giveaway. They are both fantastic, but the necklace would be my choice!

  123. The necklace is gorgeous! And finally – a ball of wool my cats can’t chew! 🙂

  124. Oh! I would love to win the necklace. The ball of wool is simply gorgeous.

  125. love it! Esp the necklace 🙂

  126. Oooo. I love it. I prefer necklaces. I lose rings like no ones business!

  127. That necklace is fantastic!! <3

  128. I would love to win the necklace. I am entering the world of Granny Squares this weekend with my best friend. Her mum is going to teach us and hopefully we will be teaching our children soon!

    Keep up the beautiful work!

  129. knitting jewellery is the best kind of jewellery!

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  131. Hey Hey! I found your link on Meet Me At Mikes, and just like all the other comment leavers, I am happy to have discovered a new awesome blog with a choice giveaway! Psst…I love the necklace!

  132. I would love to be entered in this giveaway – I’m an avid crocheter, and would adore the necklace. Thanks for your generosity!

  133. Gorgeous designs. Who wouldn’t be interested in wool + jewelery? I’m a necklace person myself though. Very cute 🙂

  134. So cleaver. Love them both. As a constant crochetter I too know what you mean. Thanks for sharing them!

  135. Wow, the second Bex in 15 minutes. I know many people who would be very interested in yarn themed jewellery, I shall spread the word.


  136. I love it – it would make the perfect gift for my sister! Fingers, toes and knees crossed that I win!

  137. yay another gorgeous necklace! i get no end of comments about my pencil sharpening 🙂

  138. love the necklace – a friend just sent me the link – lovely jewlery – I will let all my knitting yarn obsessed friends know too.

  139. Wow! I love these! You are so very clever. I know what you mean. I grew up with wool all over the place & granny squares, knitting needles…actually, I still have them all (except the granny squares). My mum is still knit-knitting & crotcheting like crazy. I love them both – but the necklace the most. Clever bean!

  140. Your blog is a new find for me (thanks to a tweet) and what a treat it is.
    Your jewellery is lovely. I particularly like the ball of wool necklace.
    It’s ace to see a thriving Melbourne based artistic community.

  141. They’re both super cute designs :)!
    I’d love to be entered to win the necklace, pretty please.

  142. The necklace is wonderful. Such beautiful craftmanship. Well done. I would love the chance to wear it!

  143. Such a lovely concept and wonderful attention to detail! I particularly love the necklace.

    PS – I also found your link via meetmeatmikes on twitter.

  144. Hello!
    Wowzer, way for me to not know you had a blog- I love your work, like HEAPS heaps. I would love to be put in the lucky-dip bowl for the ring please.

  145. i’d love the ring or the necklace.. they’re too gorgeous!

  146. I love the necklace! Great giveaway! Thanks 🙂

  147. The Necklace is beautiful I would love to be in the running!

  148. the necklace is just adorable!!! I think balls of wool evoke positive memories for most people so its a beautiful piece that would touch many peoples hearts!

  149. This necklace and ring is absolutely gorgeous!!! You really know how to get such great detail in you work, well done! I would love the necklace as the prize, it’s just stunning!!

  150. what a sweet idea! I love the design as either a necklace or a ring. My favourite is the ring, simply because I love wearing rings more than I do necklaces 🙂

  151. i think it would look fantastic as a charm, too. (and sell like hotcakes, no?!)

  152. I really love that the ball of wool looks just the way most of my stash does… altho I usually have bits trailing out of the box too. I love the necklace. I think I would never take it off xo

  153. I love the ring, you always make such gorgeous designs from the most unexpected.

  154. very delightful design! oh i found your blog from twitter !

  155. Your work is always so beautiful! I absolutely love that little ball of wool (mostly as a necklace), you clever thing.

  156. So beautiful, love your work, esp the necklace

  157. I love this!
    clarissa at digitaldeacons dot com

  158. They’re gorgeous, just what a girl needs for winter 🙂 together with a good cuppa!

    It was lovely to meet you at DMT last week, hope you did well.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win your fabulous jewelry.

  159. The ring is simply stunning – wish I had the patience to crochet granny squares

  160. so beautiful!!! love them! 🙂 thanks for an opportunity to win!

  161. Wow! They’re both lovely, but I’m especially drawn to the ring version it it, it’s sweet and simple!


  162. Oooh, I love this! x Susie

  163. As soon as I saw ‘Victoria Mason’ tweeted by meetmeatmikes I knew I had to come have a look.

    Last year, for my 21st birthday I was gifted with a gorgeous Victoria Mason necklace – in the shape of a pencil shaving. Needless to say, my quirky cool piece was commented on by a swarm of my design school friends. I would absolutely love the chance to own another of your interesting designs. I just haven’t seen anything quite like yours.

    C is for Chanell xox

  164. hello lovely nice to see you again at DMT..i may be down for lifeinstyle and would love to catch up for coffee (or drinks!) with you guys! xx lox+savvy xx

  165. oooh! Lupita Juanita likes this!

  166. Oh they are gorgeous! As an avid knitter, I totally LOVE how realistic the wool balls are. Very nice.

  167. These are super cute. Very inventive. I also second the knitting needle idea (although you don’t want to make it too dangerous!).

    you know, they remind me of how people used to get baby items and precious things bronzed, so they’d keep forever. this is like lovely wool that will last forever!

    p.s found your link via the lovely meetmeatmikes on twitter. she’s another superstar.

  168. I love the ball of wool pendant, and it also looks just like my own balls of wool! (Mind you, I do own some hand wound ones that look a little like the ones kittens play with…)

    I found you via Betty Jo, via Crafty Girl with Ruffle, I’ve seen your work about, it is all gorgeous!

  169. What a beautiful idea, and im astounded by how detailed and true to life it looks, just like my balls of wool at home!

    Seriously GORGEOUS!

  170. How fabulous that I just found the link to your blog!
    I love the ball of wool necklace it’s very cute but my favourite is the ring version.
    It might good to have a version with knitting needles too 🙂
    nicola xx