New edition (making books)

…& this is the last of the 3 in the new series; apple, sandwich & book…called ‘Lunch in the Park’
these were really fun to make, i started off planning to make a neat, new book which turned out to have NO character at all so i took out the Charlotte Bronte i’ve been carrying round in my bag for a couple of weeks (it’s a slow read but i’m determined!) & messed up its hair.

i saw-pierced a bookish shape out of 2mm plate
marked out the ‘pages’ & used a saw & burrs to carve silver away
voila! a really boring looking book…(now with ‘spine’ detail)
to make this book look more like the one i have in my bag, soldering on a ‘dog-ear’
getting a little better but needs to be more crumpled
soldering on 2nd ‘dog-ear’
a book that looks like someone’s been reading it
polished, but still needs a little fine-tuning
Stamping with a maker’s mark + 925 hallmark (silver stamp), i usually stamp on the back but thought here was better 🙂‘new edition’ earrings $55

7 Responses to “New edition (making books)”

  1. beautiful. you are so very clever.

  2. Utterly adorable. And amazing too how you do it. Love it that they are “not” perfect books, which makes them perfect!!!

  3. These are so cool. i can picture a book in one ear and a little letter in the other!

  4. Oh! Brilliant! I love the idea of books on my ears!

  5. Awww man these are so cute. I love seeing the process – it’s so complex!

  6. Absolutely beautiful Vic.

  7. These are so adorable! As a fellow bookworm, I could so see myself wearing them. As someone with a bit of goldsmithing experience, I really appreciate you documenting your process. Thanks for sharing!