New ‘Hello, House Plant!’

‘Bunny Ears’ in pink
Tomorrow we will be opening the studio doors (sat 18th Aug 11-3pm) for Craft Victoria’s Craft Cubed event so we thought we would also launch the new ‘Hello, Houseplant’ range!
‘Hello, House Plant!’ is a series of necklaces dedicated to my most favorite of hard-to-kill plants..the succulent! I’m trying to cultivate a green thumb but so far the best plants for me have been these 3: ‘jelly bean plant’, ‘hen & chickens’ & ‘bunny ears’ (cactus), no matter what i do, they just bounce back!
So, a plant that is low to the ground, tough & adorable..what’s not to identify with? 

‘Hen & Chicken’ in green
‘Jelly Bean plant’ in pink
‘Bunny Ears’ in green
Hen & Chicken in pink

‘Jelly Bean plant’ in green


It’s actually been a series 4 months in the making & i took some pictures along the way – please read on if you’d like to see how it was made:)
making the base – I used an oval punch plate that’s usually used to make oval settings for gemstones, handily the bit of excess silver spilled over the hollow & made a nice, plant pot-like lip:)
hammering oval shapes that will be the ‘soil’ (texture kindly lent by Fitzroy doorstep)
castings of the plant part made in wax – this is the ‘jelly bean plant’
 hen & chickens back from casting – center floret made out a melted piece of scrap
 plant done, soil in & pot just to solder together!

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