new lamp for nix..

i’ve been a little slack in the chrissy decorations department this year – too many things on!
so no tree for us – we’ll attempt a little decorated ‘thing’ (mirror?) but to add just a little christmas cheer i made a festive lamp…out of a vase & fairy lights.
but all weekend i saw trees – hanging out of cars boots, on roof racks, outside grocers, being dragged indoors by happy families….do you have a tree or did you perhaps diy it like this clever cookie?

2 Responses to “new lamp for nix..”

  1. christmas lights are wonderful things! i made something similar in an almost festive gesture

    I’m sorry I haven’t commented here before despite being a reader for many many months – you’re work makes me smile a lot!

  2. what a lovely idea! I may try that out tomorrow!