new mini necklaces online..

some more new things available online…

(right now i’m enjoying a cd-sing-along day! & i can’t hold a tune so it’s a luxury i only really do by myself or with cj 🙂 so far i’ve been listening to lily allen & amy winehouse..and someone else i’m a bit sheepish to mention..ok..joan armatrading! (who i affectionately like to call joan armor-plating) does anyone want to admit they know who she is? total corker to sing along to!)

5 Responses to “new mini necklaces online..”

  1. What are you talking about lady? Joan Armatrading is AWESOME!! I LOVE Joan.

    Love these necklaces too.


  2. Great new necklaces! I especially crave the love letter. I remember seeing a Joan Armatrading video on MTV when I was a youngster, I have no idea what song it was for, but I think she was on a playground. And of course we all know “Love and Affection”!
    Last Friday I had my own sing-along while working on some jewelry… all 80s music from my teen years. I definitely had to be on my own for that one!

  3. I also love Joan. I’ve always called her Joan Trade-an-arm-in.

  4. love joan armatrading!
    your right, she is great to sing to!

  5. I very much like these design. I think perhaps, the love letter necklace is top of the pick – but it’s really hard to say. I did notice your work for sale at the Newcastle Regional Gallery today. Had I the fund I would have loved to bring home the paper plane necklace! Such an adorable standout piece x