NKOTB-Eco Innovators

and after!

look at this! how beautiful?!
Leyla from Eco Innovators has opened a brand-new store in one of melbourne’s old news stands!
(for a long time i hadn’t realised what was under all the posters, it was such a lovely surprise to see that it open up like a Tardis)
This tiny store on Swanston St sells eco-designed & produced products including Betty Jo, Keep Cups, Mucke, Nearly Roadkill and many more..
Maybe a good place to visit for chrissy presents?
ps: and if you make eco-produced products, maybe a good place to approach?

Eco Innovators Showcase
Corner Swanston & Little Collins St
Open 10am-6pm
29th oct 2009-30th april 2010

4 Responses to “NKOTB-Eco Innovators”

  1. Hi All,
    Great that you like the pillar! Its open from 11am – 3pm till March-ish so make sure you pop down and visit us! Crn Little collins and Swanston streets and online at http://www.ecoinnovators.com.au
    Eco Innovators team

  2. I heard about these on the radio, but couldn’t really imagine it! Love it!!! Thanks for sharing- and jogging my memory too ( i think I may have forgotten about it)

  3. what a brilliant idea!!!!!!!!!! I love it!

  4. That’s the greatest thing I have seen in a while! Fantastic!