no use crying..

& when i saw this brooch at Cottage Industry the other day, i gasped a little, then bought it.
Made by the uber talented Mr Simon MacEwan, his work is so beautiful it makes me a bit happy/emotional (hand sawpierced!) His work is beautifully understated & thoughtful, i actually struggle to find the words that explain how rare i think this quality of work is.
It makes me think of how important it is to keep things in perspective & not panic – a valuable thought as i try & organize things for our trip away (how can going to Paris be the least bit stressful???) It also reminds me of my late friend James Burnicle who i worked with (for years) at woolworths when we were both at high school. I realised that i friend-loved him when he was called to mop a dairy-spill & he said “well then, no use crying”. loved him. (i fell out of contact with him then much later, 2003? found out that he had died a few months before)
so this is what Simon’s work does for me. so go & have a look & see what happens for you 🙂 quickly.

4 Responses to “no use crying..”

  1. totally get why you gasped and had to have. It’s stunning!! xo

  2. so lovely! you’re right, his work is amazing.