nuh-thing com-pares, nuh-thing com-pares to-shoes…

of all the things i should be doing before the markets (in just 4 days!), i have my shoes sorted.
bravo vixy-anne….
Adelaide, here we come!

3 Responses to “nuh-thing com-pares, nuh-thing com-pares to-shoes…”

  1. Yellow, I’m getting there quick. LOVE LOVE them.
    thanks for the tip Vico xo
    PS your would never believe the word verification “spunk” ha, coz you are 🙂

  2. they’re only cheapies but goodies – from a shop called ‘exentrix'(yes in-deedy!)in richmond melb. they had them in yellow too.

  3. Those are beautiful shoes lady! I lover them all up. Where did you find such beauteous footwear? x