OK::IHeart::Megan Gale

ooh! if you squint you may be able to see her necklace & most excitingly, it’s not the fake one!! ((which is massive & often brass..on that note, i exhibited at the life in style trade show 2 weeks ago & quel horreur! there was a distributor selling the rip-off just upstairs!! Can’t say i did a smooth job of it (damn nerves) but i went & had a chat with them & they very nicely agreed to take it down..))
this celeb outing was spotted by a keen-eyed friend in last week’s OK! magazine…thanks Nat!!

6 Responses to “OK::IHeart::Megan Gale”

  1. Hi Victoria,

    Thanks so much for the great talk last night at Craft Vic — I was so enthralled that I forgot to take notes.
    I think that you’re being very cool, calm and collected re that nastily copied heart.

    All the best
    (I was the swot in the front row wearing your cup and spoon earrings. I know they’re the genuine article because you sold them to me at Craft Hatch.)

  2. Well done, it is every designers dream to have a celeb wear their pieces. I am still waiting! Megan is one stylish woman too…

  3. Ohhh MEGSY has impeccable taste.

    I am doing the running man – rejoicing with the running man. Go Vic, go Vic!

  4. Well that IS cool! Not so cool is the knock off stuff, pfft.

    I luff Megan Gale too – she is so increadibly elegant & the most beautiful model around right now, I think.

  5. Awesome! I share good taste with Megan Gale!!