Old as me

Retrieving some earrings from an old jewellery box this morning reminded me of one of the first times I was surprised to be old.
I was in my late 20s & my co-worker asked about my earrings & said with glee, “ohmygod, they’re older than meee!” I’d inherited them from mum who’d bought them in about 1981 & I’ve always loved them. They were her special event earrings & a world away from the suburban persona of MitchamMum that she’d left behind just a year before.
The second time it happened I was in my late 30s & an intern pointed to a block of jeweller’s wax I was using & said “that wax is the same age as me!” & I think of her every time I’m sawpiercing something & I need to use it – like it’s her little dirty lumpy twin:) Recently I was chatting with someone who was 25 (& a competent adult) & I chuckled as I thought to myself, “I have tattoos older than you”
On second thought, maybe you never grow up:) –

Original story, written by Victoria Mason
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