OMG I’ve been ripped-off!!

in a long line of recent rip offs, one of my designs can be added to the list.
i made a necklace called ‘i heart’ a few years ago and i spent a very long time on the design – maybe 8 months before i was comfortable that it was exactly how i’d imagined it & i would be proud to sell it. (i ended up making a few versions, including one which, when curled into the heart shape, had the numbers stamped upside-down & another that looked like it had ‘ears’)

and then a lovely customer emailed me the bad news – 2 online retailers, one UK & one US have been selling the same design under different names.
sure the quality is not the same – i’ve always been pretty confident that it would be hard to remake my jewellery & make a good profit, cause they’re so labour-intensive…but i was shocked about how it made me feel when i saw it.

it completely broke my heart, (no pun intended), i felt gutted.
it seems pretty common to have original ideas stolen & reproduced, it was only recently that it happened to Made By White & Simon MacEwan’s lost in the woods, (mentioned in an article here) & maybe it’s just a casualty of the internet but gee it’s a horrible feeling.

i’ve emailed both ShopCuffs & LoveHeartsAndCrosses and so far have had a reply from Shop Cuffs saying that they’re sorry that this has happened, they’re not the manufacturer & they’ll contact them to see what they have to say. I’m relieved to have had this reply but now have to presume that there’s another player that is selling them onto to others. How many others?
if anyone sees these copies around, could you let me know please?

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  1. Oh I’m late to this post. I’m so sorry to hear this has happened to you it must be a terrible feeling being ripped off like that.

    Those copies are so horrible and nothing like your gorgeous detailed well thought out designs.

    Keep your head held high! And if you can manage it kick the crap out of those copy cats.

  2. I know that this is part of what happens in the world, but it still sucks, and you’re absolutely right about the inferior quality! I think you need to just hang tough, people who copy are not passionate about they do, and they will inevitably fade away sooner than later.

  3. Wowzer!!! I can’t believe it, I can only imagine how bad you must be feeling. I’m so sorry to hear of this, I hope they can be stopped!! It sounds like you are taking call the right steps in trying to get to the bottom of it, please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help with the tracking down of this culprit.

    Thinking of you!


  4. Oh this just sucks so bad…yours is so totally obviously superior in every way. I have it and wear it nearly every day and absolutely love it!

  5. Shocked! The audacity!

    Your work is obviously so great, imitation and flattery etc, but I can just imagine the stomach dropping feeling you must have had when you first saw the copies.

    Booo, copiers, booo!

  6. How awful Vic. How heartbreaking. some people are just horrible. I’m so sorry this has happened to you who is so original. there’s looks crap to me compared to your beautiful ones, they’ve lost all the quality. xo

  7. How terrible. Your necklace is so superior.

  8. Those knock-offs look shit. Wouldn’t touch ’em with etc etc.

    Good luck with beating the copycats.

  9. This really, really sucks. But if it’s any consolation, yours are far superior. In design and quality.

    You should link here:

  10. Oh, man, you’re going to hate this:

    I’m really sorry that this is happening to you. Your work is so beautiful and the fakes are so obviously inferior. Keep your head up.

  11. Oh No! How ultra Crappy is that.
    I’m spreading the word and hopefully they copiers will at least remove the cheap fakes. Originallity is going out the window. I bloody hate all this ripping off. Good Luck and keep on being 20 steps ahead with your wonderful creativity!

  12. Ugh what a nightmare. They are both very poor rip offs of your exquisitely beautiful design!

  13. hate to break it to you but ‘we aren’t the manufacturer’ is the biggest cop out line, as simon will attest. He was told exactly the same thing when he contacted TopShop about being copied. If you can squeeze the manufacturers name out of the shop go for them.
    This is probably the biggest internet issue at the moment- it makes it all some much quicker to me ripped off.
    You just can’t stop it happening so you need to not let it get you down, stay one step ahead and push the ‘original and best’ part of your work.
    And just let the buggers know you know they’ve copied!! (also get in contact with etsy and see if they can get the sellers to withdraw the work)

  14. The biggest of condolences to you for being treated so unfairly. I’ve always admired your work for it’s unique creativity – things I’ve never seen done before so this is quiet a punch in the face. I’ll be on the look out for you x

  15. I’m so sorry this has happened to you. Some people are bastards, they really are. I will keep my eyes open for you. Don’t be too discourages, your work is awesome. So awesome in fact that people are copying it! Back handed compliment much…

  16. Shite Vic.

    Giant hug for you. You’re the very best there is. x