one more sleep!

tomorrow morning, for the first time, we’re going to be setting up at Magnolia Square Markets!
will anyone come and say hello? please do!
it starts at 10am so we need to be there at 7 to set up(!!)
I never used to be an early riser but i’ve been practicing, you see, for an occasion such as this – so for the last 2 months i’ve been setting the alarm for 6 & making myself go outside & get some sunlight in my possum-eyes (to reset my clock).
& i think it’s working except that there is a cost to this nana-esque-timetable…by 9.30 at night, i’m cactus! (the ‘nodding off in front of Macgyver’ syndrome)
So today i’m putting some finishing touches on my display, packing up some ‘morning tea’ ring sets as well as some new solid silver bangles that i’m going to try out (i was very lucky to have a handy helper yesterday who did a brilliant job of helping me get organised:))
ooh! also, i’ve made 1 orange & 2 black sharpenings (toying around with making a new colour, so these are 2 contenders) so please let me know if you’d like one of them!
see you there!

2 Responses to “one more sleep!”

  1. Ooh, good luck Vic, hope it goes brilliantly! x

  2. Good luck at the markets!

    As a lover of orange pencils, I am so tempted by the idea of an orange pencil shavings necklace … but I will wait to see if my cutrrent contract is renewed first!