Paws between posts…

Peggy’s paws
Phew! and oops…
After the Life in Style trade fair things REALLY started to get busy which is why i interrupted my very short-lived blog.
As I’m just learning the ropes with keeping a diary (not counting the ones i wrote in the 80s) i need to take a leaf out of this girl’s book with her ’21 days to make a habit, 3 days to break it’ and just commit.
…I’m going to let you in on a secret…well, a list of secrets.
You know when you notice something lovely/funny and you just want to remember it?
Well about 8 years ago I started to jot them down…& read them when I’m on the tram…or when I’m waiting…& they make me smile all over again.
i LOVE themĀ 
So instead of just writing them down i’m gonna grab my camera and try to snap’em on the go.
stay tuned….