The Social Science Experiment

Have you ever seen the science clip which explains a nuclear reaction sequence by using a single ping pong ball dropped into a room filled with ‘primed’ mouse traps? The film aims to show how a chain reaction works with one action triggering potentially endless reactions & I saw this happen in the very drab bathrooms of Melbourne Polytechnic yesterday. It started weeks ago with a random bunch of homegrown flowers placed on the counter in the public toilets at Tafe – truly one of the ugliest toilet blocks in Melbourne. In a jumbo Nescafe jar (label slightly puckered but still intact) someone had brightened up the basin by delivering a bunch of robustly scented roses with slightly bruised petals. Back in class we had a brief chat about how nice it was that someone did that – maybe it was the cleaner? The next week instead of roses, it was a mop of big belled pink & red fuchsias – again an obvious garden score & in the same coffee jar. But today was the most magnificent of all and not just because of the 3 ‘birds of paradise’ on the bench. What must’ve started out as one thank you note taped to the tiles had bloomed into a bunch of praise written by different hands rising above the flowers. *glorious sigh*
If you could bottle the joy I felt when the first roses arrived a few weeks ago & times it by 100 you’d be close to knowing how happy I was that this intimate note-leaving has started. I taped my own note to the tiles & hoped that the generous gardener continues such a beautiful project. Maybe the first note was the ‘ping pong’ or maybe it was the flowers but what ever the order, a chain reaction of kindness started up it that space. What a lovely social science experiment ❤️



Original story, written by Victoria Mason

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