Pointer Sisters design theory

I think about the Pointer Sisters every time I design a new range. You know them? they sang ‘Fire’ & the Classic Hits radio favorite, ‘Slow Hand’. I remember earnestly explaining to mum how good the outfits were..did she understand?


You see, I was an impressionable littley when the Pointer Sisters were around & I especially loved that the 3 ladies had different versions of the same costume, from a slightly conservative after 5 number for the oldest looking one, to a little more risque for the middle sister then downright racy for the youngest one – something for everyone, right? ..& imagine how excited I was to find the Rankin Sisters on morning television?! Here were 3 Australian exercising sisters who each did a similar movement but in the easy-med-difficult levels..same but different!! Once the link was made, there was no shifting it, rock solid, stuck for good. I haven’t been able to break the connection between ‘three levels’ of the Pointer Sisters & designing a range, it’s similar to when a taste reminds you of a certain holiday or a tune takes you right back to your childhood lounge room.
So, here’s how the theory goes..I most often design in threes (as many Sisters as were in the band) – 3 small sculptures, matching in theme but on different corners of the shape triangle – just like their outfits!
For example, when I designed the ‘Lunch in the Park’ series, they are all picnic-themed pieces but they are also round, triangular & square so they look balanced together but also appeal to different design-eyes that people have (the thing where people are really attracted to certain shapes).
So there’s one of my design secrets, does it sound logical to you too?
Faced with infinite choice, how do you refine your designs?
Did you like the Pointer Sisters?

6 Responses to “Pointer Sisters design theory”

  1. Melissa, you chose great ones! completely balanced – square/round/triangle became rectangle/semicircle/heart..see? it’s like the shapes all moved one step to the left:)

  2. Oh no! I just realised that i spoiled your ring design by choosing 3 rings just because I loved them!! I do love my book, tea cup and heart combo very much. As the mother of 3 boys I also love things in threes. I so, so wish I could have come back to Melbourne to do your necklace workshop.

  3. yes ghotiindustries! that’s the one – deco & nouveau are great examples:)

  4. “most men go for corners, women for curves”

    Interesting! My husband goes for art deco, and I lean more towards art nouveau.

    I think your though process is very logical! And I must confess I was eyeing up your picnic design with covetous eyes just the other day! 🙂

    Thankyou for being such a wonderful deisgner!

  5. oh excellent Holly! sure, i made up the term ‘design eyes’ but it sure does exist – some people are drawn to the same shapes over & over again – you can almost divide taste into corners & curves – most men go for corners, women for curves (there will always be exceptions) as for donuts – are the ‘Switzerland’ of design..

  6. I like your Pointer Sisters theory! Are ‘design eyes’ actually a thing? Is each person really drawn to one shape more than another? I’m really into circles and curves and rainbows and…could this explain why I can never say no to doughnuts??