Polkadot earrings in the saint-nick of time!

Polkadot earrings – $25, now available through the website

every year i say it.
“next year, i’ll be a bit more organized & it won’t be crazy like this” but you know what i realized? I choose this chaos! there, now, i’ve said it.
If there’s a gap my the timetable, i fill it, actually, if i’m NOT crazy-busy at this time of year then something’s gone wrong:)
So before i went to Markit a few weeks ago i made these earrings using the remaining enamel from the ‘city lights’ pieces but wow, they were such a hit that they now have their own palette & are available through the website.
We have 9 colours available onlinespearmint, peach, lavender, blue, yellow, orange, red, dark blue & dark green.
So i’m going to happy with my ‘busy’, maybe you already are?