Rain drops

This time of year is amazing for Melbourne gardens – is it good in other parts of Australia? Rain/sun/rain makes everything shoot up at once & all of a sudden the garden beds I’d cleared hoping for ‘inspiration’ turned into a grassy carpet’o’surprise . There was a motley crew of herbs & I thought back to the bolted plants of last year & how I just shook all the seeds into to soil for a bit of pot-luck-plantation. Lettuce, coriander, parsley & dill all accounted for (clever little seeds!) but the most prolific one was unfamiliar so I picked a furry leaf & carried it round all morning, trying to remember what on earth it was. It had fat dark leaves & looked like it would be uncomfortable to eat & when broken it had a cucumber scent…BORAGE MY OLD MEDICINAL FRIEND! Freakin everywhere.
If it’s true that the earth provides you with signs then getting a massive delivery of borage leaves may be trying to tell us we need fortifying. Made into a tea, the tincture strengthens a broken heart & gives you courage, made into a Borage Wine Cup you can justify buying that beautiful punch bowl that you hardy ever use. It’s been an emotional month but I think the garden knows what it’s doing:) –

Original story, written by Victoria Mason
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