ring ring why don’t you give me a call? (or these other lovely shops..)

teacup ring $66
tea bag ring $66
spoon ring $66
peg ring $66
nice biscuit ring $66

fork ring $66


iron maiden ring $66
ball of wool ring $77
‘morning tea’ set $175

(at last) i’ve updated the website & you can now buy the rings online! they are sterling silver & can be stacked next to each other (like the ‘morning tea’ set…maybe you could wear the iron maiden+peg ring with the ‘washing day’ necklace?).
these ones are all size N1/2 but if you want them resized i’m happy to do that at no cost for the next little while…
i’m also very pleased to say that there are a couple of melb stores that now carry some of the designs – Monk House, Meet me at Mike’s, Corky Saint Clair & very soon at Local Shop in northcote…& thanks for the positive feedback!

(also special thanks to Michi Girl for posting the ‘morning tea’ set the other day:o))

5 Responses to “ring ring why don’t you give me a call? (or these other lovely shops..)”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a super dooper super superb sublime, super trouper day to one clever cookie.

    Clever rings by a clever lady luck! xxx

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday to YOU!
    xx p


  4. they are wonderful Vic!! I love the rings and how you can create little stories with them, brilliant! You are amazing!xx

  5. a little birdy told me its your birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR LOVELY VIC!!! all my kisses and hugs go out to you on this very special day…

    ok, so looooovvvvviiinnnggg the new rings, how fab, the cup is my favourite!

    xx lox+savvy xx

    ps so sorry couldn’t catch up whilst in melbourne, wow, i was so exhausted (and sick!)…but definitely next time!