rip-off update

Thanks to the Age for mentioning the whole rip-off thing in yesterday’s paper!
the most recent installment of that saga is that they have hit melb stores.. (or ‘store’ more accurately)
on my way back to work i popped into MYL to see if i could find a coat but was shocked to be looking at the real-life ripoff in the cabinet! (i’d only seen them online & from OS)
To my own surprise i heard the words coming out of my mouth “that’s my design, it’s been ripped off”
the shop assistant wasn’t too concerned but polite – asked my name – & when i told her she said “oh, you sell to Corky Saint Clair don’t you?” i said “yes”, then she said “yours is smaller” (!!!)
OMG she even knew the piece!
then she said “do you have copyright?”
i tried to explain the issues (original design, too small a producer to be able to afford high costs etc”)
she replied “you should get copyright.” brilliant
I left the store dejected but armed with the contact details of their buyer.
weird weird feeling…

16 Responses to “rip-off update”

  1. I l-o-v-e your jewelry! You are so creative. Don’t let anyone stop you. At your jewelry website I went mad for your pencil sharpener pendant. So much so, I applied for a PayPal credit card, received it yesterday & straight away purchased the pendant in blue! Can’t wait to receive it here in the USA all the way from Australia! Isn’t the internet grand!

  2. How horrible for you to go through this, Vic. I can’t believe that attitude of the shopkeeper.

  3. how disgusting. my v.mason necklace is a very treasured possession i would no way support any ripoffs of such beautiful originals. shame on them. i wish you all the best and hope the rip-offs are removed for good. you do have rights here as mentioned above. huge shame on myl too : (

  4. Awww Vic. And it all that wonderful reasonable advice doesn’t work we could always call in the thugs…

  5. Oh, alas I’ve recently had problems with this very issue, so I understand how you must be feeling. Great advice and help is available from the Arts Law Centre for no cost.
    Best of luck!

  6. Oh Vic. Shall we start a campaign? Start emailing anyone who is stocking the copies voicing our concern?

  7. Etsy had an article about this issue on their blog recently

    Hope there’s some helpful advice in there for you Vic xxx

  8. I agree, you do have the copyright. You need a cease and desist letter, hopefully you’ll have a lawyer friend who can help you out.

    I really really hate people who rip things off. It is wrong and bad.

  9. PS: My sister is an apprentice hairdresser and I bought her the scissors necklace for her 16th last year, and she LOVES it to bits. Hope that makes you feel a little less dejected. Your designs are THE BEST!

  10. Oh my goodness! What a rude shop assistant… she should have removed them from the shelves as soon as she realised they were rip-offs. Who would knowlingly want to stock rip-off jewellery? That is just not on!

  11. You do own the copyright. It was your original idea. You don’t need to “get copyright” – it is implied.

  12. Some frikin people have NO conscience.
    Go for the jugular (or if that’s too nasty, at least try and get them to take it off their shelves)
    At least sylish Melburnians would know it was a rip off of your decidedly superior work.

  13. But you HAVE the copyright. You created the original design. “Copyright is the set of exclusive rights granted to the author or creator of an original work, including the right to copy, distribute and adapt the work.” Its automatic, free protection from the moment you made that original work. Do you have legal work friends that could help you out? You totally have the right to fight them and make them desist from copying your work. That shop assistant deserves a smack. You deserve a hug. And a tim tam. And a lawyer.

  14. My goodness – this is horrible, horrible, horrible. You are the original – the creator! All of this copying is just shameful…

    I feel for you – but, never fear, we know you’re the best!

  15. !!!! You’re the very best Vic!

  16. Ugh. The aggravation never ends! Hang in there, yours are the quality original goods 🙂