Saki 2 please

When i bought the lovely deer-jar of saki last week it was cause i liked the jar (aswell, hehe). This week i bought it for ‘research’ purposes!
Yep, i’m jumping on the JetstarCheapFlightsToJapanBandwagon (along with Badskirt & Hello Sandwich). I’m very excited but also now have a lot on my plate – so much so that i have developed a rather annoying eye-twitch (stress?) that was with me all day yesterday & just started up again when i got to work! oh well, i think a bit of happy-chaos is good sometimes…

7 Responses to “Saki 2 please”

  1. How exciting! I hope you have a wonderful trip.

  2. Hello Lark! I would love some shopping suggestions if the offer could be extended my way too?

  3. You’ll have the best time! I am definitely hooked and going back soon – let me know if you want any shopping suggestions.


  4. I am jealous and happy for your all at the same time.

  5. Oh my goodness that is so exciting!
    I will just stay in Tokyo for the whole time, I’ll email you my Japanese phone number too so we can arrange to catch up for a coffee or a beer or something if you have time. I will be staying at my boyfriends family house in Matsudo, but in around Shibuya, Shimokita, Naka-meguro and Daikanyama most days. We could also go to my favourite art gallery if you are interested, or maybe just to my favourite izakaiya. Have you been to Japan before?
    Yay its soooo exciting. Have a lovely weekend! And hope your eye gets better!

  6. Ow the bottle is soooo beautiful! I collect bottles like that from Tokyo and bring them back to Sydney to use as little vases! Its so exciting that we are both going to Tokyo! What are your dates again? Im there from June 1st till June 11th. Hope we can meet up! xxx
    Love love
    Hello Sandwich

  7. oh! I had the same stressful eye-twitch yesterday! We’ll be good once we settled into Fk, I reckon. Craig bought me a phrasebook and small lonely planet for Tokyo yesterday. i can’t wait.

    I hope your sake “research” is all that you’re hoping for and more!