secret love letters..

part 2 of what i started the other day..
there’s still a long way to go before they’re ready for the shop (final polish, soldering the sprues ready for casting, rubber mould, cleaning up castings, soldering earring posts, photographing…phew!)
i took some piccies as i made them – i hope it’s interesting, if not, look away!
and yes PMM they are love letters! you’re a genius you know? (much better than envelopes! *ah-hem*)

LL on the soldering mat – the shape was cut out of silver plate, i used a burr to recess the ‘inside’ part of the envelope before i remembered it was going to be covered with another piece of plate..oops
apre soldering the 2nd plate – the LHS one has been rounded with a file

applying the ‘stamp’ – this will end up on the back of the earring (just the wearer will know!)
3rd piece of plate has been soldered as the envelope flap

10 Responses to “secret love letters..”

  1. i’m wearing my love letters today, thanks to an awesome husband with certain jeweller connections…. i love them!!

  2. Vic they are gorgeous!! the detail is amazing, and love the stamp that won’t even be seen, a little secret between the wearer and the earring.

  3. omigod me love these Victoria! SO cute!

    Hope to see you soon…! I have jewellery trivia questions to ask you (very boring – ie, ‘how do I clean this blackened silver;, ‘what chain should I put on this’ etc etc…!)

  4. I love the secret stamp. I would walk around feeling smug about my secret. I am definitely getting a pair of these to replace my cursed clothes peg pair.

  5. They are fabulous! I loved seeing the process. I know there’s so much work that goes into your beauties, but it was fantastic to see it step by step. Super duper cute.

  6. love them! hope they are at the next finders keepers!!

  7. i love these- they are so beautiful and what a clever and gorgeous idea.

  8. they make my heart sing! agree with amy that it is quite nice to have a secret stamp. makes them a bit more special, a bit cheeky, but cute!

  9. how adorable 🙂 and yes its very interesting to see the work process!

  10. they’re beautiful. i love the detail of putting the stamp on the inside where it won’t even be seen 🙂

    p.s i got my nice biscuit necklace this morning, it’s PERFECT! thankyou 😀