sneaking in time..

front view
checking the symmetry, (i want it to be Asymmetrical, but the weight has to be even)
side view
(with space for the chain)
back view
(i think the shape is good, the name plate is propped on, ready for soldering + each point where the metal touches has to be soldered to that it can’t peel apart)
soldering name plate onto backnecklace so-far!

i’ve been waiting to get the time to get back the new necklace (day 1 & day 2 seem so long ago!) If i could work on it continuously then it would probably be just a few days but i have to grab time when i can…but happy!

Also, last night i went along to an fantastic photographic exhibition called ‘Milk Bars, Laundromats and Urban Beauty’ as a part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival. There are photos by 5 photographers including the SuperSpecial Gemma Jones & Natalie Jeffcott.
As an extra special reason to go, it’s on at Arthurs’s Circus which *sheepish* i hadn’t been to before, but i TOTALLY LOVED! how have i not visited?? it’s beautifully nostalgic, Nat & Nick have an incredible eye for toys & collectables (& very reasonably priced too!)

2 Responses to “sneaking in time..”

  1. Oh oh! I love how this is turning out!

  2. I like it a whole bunch.
    Can’t wait to see the finished piece, Vic! xxx