some new rings..

stackable rings – teaspoon, teacup & nice biscuit, sterling silver, $66 each

i’ve been playing around with a couple of different ring designs & i’ve finally got one that i’m pleased with! i thought that tea-time-with-biscuits was a good place to start but there will be 2 brand new designs (very exciting:-)) which will be ready for design:made:trade (eek! only 6 days to go)
there are 8 rings which are stackable (they kind of click over each other) so you can wear different combos. so-far i’ve only made one of each but next week i’ll have made some more (but not many) and i’ll be selling them at DMT. So if you’re visiting come & say hi, it’ll be nice to meet you!

11 Responses to “some new rings..”

  1. I really do think I need some morning tea!!! STunning

  2. i love these, they are so great!

  3. Oh goodness, but how could you not buy all three, when they look like perfection as a trio! Ack.

  4. oh they are deliciously wonderful!!

  5. Ooooh! Lovely! Tea = the centre of all good things!

  6. i think that those rings and macaroons would make a really nice match!! ohh the memory!!

    Hope your well vic

  7. adorable! i love these x

  8. gorgeous rings! Afternoon tea is the best!

  9. They are so gorgeous!

  10. What a wonderful idea!!! There are gorgeous Vic!!

  11. These rings are so fun! Great new design. I really love the tea cup…so cute!