studio..brought to you by ikea, ebay & roadside..

Cabinet bought on good ol’ebay – it has now been fitted into the wall-gap (in the next photos)
Expedits functioning as the wall

..after a hard day defending the fort

Slow progress, but the front of the studio is getting better after every weekend 🙂 It’s got a little further since these photos but still a couple of weeks off opening the doors.

3 Responses to “studio..brought to you by ikea, ebay & roadside..”

  1. Hope it’s going well. We got a new Ikea here a year ago.

  2. oh yes Ms Pops! the plan was to move out of le tiny studio into studio-grande, open the front door & people can wander in if they’d like. it also means that i’ll be able to make some different things & short run projects..

  3. Oh wow – so ae you going to have your own shopfront open to the public?