surry with a fringe on top…

..i think i mean that i’m the Surry..this is my fringe on top.

i love an occasion to frock up & to get a bit crafty (with something other than metal!) so i’ve tried my hand at a little bit of ‘fancy headband work’.
Tomorrow we’re off to Derby Day (part of melbourne’s racing season) & this year i bought a whole lot of ribbon from Clegs & went crazy on a headband.
I don’t get into betting (i’ve never even lined up at the window!) & i’ve never seen a live race even though we’re about 200m from the track :0 but i love the people we go with & it’s fun to see everyone dressed up to the nines (until about 5 o’clock when the collective glamour…er…goes a little off the rails..)
hope you have a great weekend!

3 Responses to “surry with a fringe on top…”

  1. ooh no…me & glue would get into a nasty scrap! it’s pretty much only stitched under the middle button

  2. Very crafty. Did you glue it or stitch it?

  3. Wow Victoria, I’m liking your inner milliner!! Fantastic work!! Have fun at the races!!!!