swanning around

Tonker-tyre swan

Today i’m getting ready to make some more Tyre Swan necklaces.
When i was trying to work out how to make the 1st one, i couldn’t get me head around it so i made this toy tyre model so that i could understand what the rubber one could do.

When i was little we had a neighbour who had the whole aussie yard going – gnomes, decorative letterbox, swans – i loved walking past that house!
So apart from the occasional spy on a long drive, i couldn’t find one in the flesh so it was left to the combo of a how-to-cut-up-a tyre lesson from the cycle bag makers – Ron D Swan & a toy tyre from Hearn’s Hobbies (the other kind of adult toys..).

n.b. if you’ve never been there it’s well worth going – it’s like hobby-co’s serious cousin…who’s into war games…& wears cammos even though he works at the post office…(just by walking through the door you spontaniously grow a beard).

3 Responses to “swanning around”

  1. I’m SO happy to find another West Wing fan, and you are up to about the same place as me. ( although you have already seen it). Yes I could do Arrested Developement again ( so good), but I did start on 30 Rock ( when west wing was out at the VS) and liked that and people I trust are raving about it- are you a fan? I also liked Kalifornication so I could go the 2nd series… xoxo
    PS To be honest I didn’t even know about Tyre Swans- and now thanks to you I do, and I’m feeling very much in love with the whole tyre swan thing, yours included and the world seems an even more beautiful place to be. Although also feeling slightly that I was deprived of a childhood pleasure. hahaha!

  2. I love the tyre swan too!! I love his little face, I think his name is Bert, he looks very meditative!

  3. Oh Vic, thanks for sharing this little bit of your process. I LOVE the teeny tyre swan.