swimming carnival sweets vs long car trip sweets…

special delivery….


see the basket? this came as a surprise special delivery from this lovely lady & was filled with a thermos of soup, sweets, nuts, a pair of scissors & carnations. wow – a total trade fair care package!
so yesterday i brought out the pineapple bowl & have been doing my own little nostalgia-survey about redskins, sherbies & milkos.

for me nothing says swimming carnival like white knight, choo-choo bar & redskins
road-trips are boiled sweets in a tin (kept in the glove-box) and some awful (dad’s choice) lemon & sherbet number.
for cj swimming carnival’s are all about white knight, toffee apple (no apple content though, the straps made of pure sugar) and redskins – roadtrips are sherbies, country mints & chocolate eclairs.

are there any other goodies? i’d love to know if you have a list too.

2 Responses to “swimming carnival sweets vs long car trip sweets…”

  1. We were a clinker and fantale family the whole way. I love this post! Made me remember all the road trips we did as kids!

  2. I’d forgotten all about country mints and chocolate eclairs. I wonder if you can still buy them?