Sydney here we come!

it’s time to prepare for Finders Keepers!! do you think you can come along?
we’re very excited about hopping on a sydney-bound plane this friday, we have our stall pozzie (if you are looking at the Bar then we are the furthest to the right as you can get, A33, a bit tucked away so please please come & say hello, i’m nervous that we’ll be all alone!)
i’m especially looking forward to seeing the new Able & Game cards (i have my eye on ‘pour vous‘ gift tags!), Only Midge bags (i bought one of these a few years ago & wore it to death, ready for a new one:)) and anything being sold by Made 590 cause i think they’re ace!

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  2. I’m going up for it too! I’m heading there on Saturday morning, so I will be sure to come along and say hello!!