Table setting

thought i’d post a shot of what i was wearing today – not that the shirt is very flash – more that i’d accidentally worn a table setting (you can’t see the fork&teaspoon earrings..)
I’m a big brooch fan & i bought this one at the Van Gogh Museum shop in 2000 where we’d just had enough money to buy plane tickets & i convinced myself that this brooch was an exception to the ‘we’re not buying stuff’ rule.
The table scene is taken from a painting called ‘Bedroom in Arles’ & is made of thin brass plate that’s been soldered together in 3 sheets then painted. It’s funny cause when i was starting to make the silver seat necklace it was a Van Gogh-style chair that i had in my head because it was so lovely & ordinary.
Well, now that i look at these 2 pieces together it seems kind of obvious that they match but i swear i hadn’t really put it together til now…

One Response to “Table setting”

  1. That table setting jewelery if so fantastic!