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Finders Keepers Melb tonight!

so today’s the big day! i’ve bought myself a flat trolley (long overdue:)) & it’s packed in the car ready to roll! We’ll be there from 6pm-10pm tonight & then 10am-5pm sat so if you’re in the area please come & say hi! our stall is at C4, near the entrance. I’ve made quite a […]

Hello? is it these you’re looking for? (& free things:))

a tribute to Lionel..’hello’ earrings & could be yours for nix!Since Lionel gee’d up the crowd on saturday (least likely song for getting football fans going doncha think?) i though it perfect timing to introduce you to a pair of conversation starter earrings…just walk up to someone, let them check out your ears & off […]

finders keepers…& the amazing Caro Bartling

the beautiful work of Caro Bartling more of Caro’s work.. and one of my favorites.. yes *blush* a very late post on Finders Keepers (which was over a week ago!)There’s been some great posts about it here, here & here & the only thing i can really add is that i had the great pleasure […]

Sydney here we come!

it’s time to prepare for Finders Keepers!! do you think you can come along?we’re very excited about hopping on a sydney-bound plane this friday, we have our stall pozzie (if you are looking at the Bar then we are the furthest to the right as you can get, A33, a bit tucked away so please […]

finders keepers…

this morning i bought some plane tickets for cj & i to go up to Sydney for Finders Keepers Markets!i’m very excited:-), i really enjoyed FK last time & got to meet some people i’d only known online & some that i’ve exhibited with before & some that i already knew (but lovely to see […]

found & kept

stall set-up at Finders Keepers Markets – sydney …wow… the Finders Keepers markets were as full-on as i’d been told! There were heaps of nice people in the crowd & on the stands (friday night had some especially glamorous ones – i suspect fashion design students:-) like the delightful boy who was wearing a spangly […]